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Designated as the top biopharmaceutical manufacturing site by Jiangsu Province and Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), Innovent’s biomanufacturing base has enjoyed more than 900 million RMB in investment and the facility covers 93,000 square meters. Three 1,000-liter bioreactors are in operation having passed a GMP audit by our Multinational company partner.  Six 3,000-liter bioreactors are going to be installed in the near future. Another four 15,000-liter bioreactors will be set up upon future needs.  The facility has a world-class pharmaceutical water system, HVAC system, air compression system, automation control and monitoring system, etc. The overall facility design meets CFDA, FDA and EMA GMP requirements.

In addition to supporting Innovent’s own pipeline production, the manufacturing base could also provide contract manufacturing (CMO) capacity to domestic and international pharma companies for high quality antibody products. By contributing state-of-the-art expertise in bioprocess and quality management, Innovent leads the way for R&D-oriented companies in bringing innovative biologics fast to market, propelling biopharmaceutical growth in the SIP area, and further spurring the upgrading and development of the biopharmaceutical industry in China.


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